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Miss L Rees-HughesHead of Maths
Mr N EatonAchievement Leader
Miss C HannahTeacher of Maths
Mrs L JoelTeacher of Maths
Miss R MurphyTeacher of Maths
Mrs C MaidenTeacher of Maths
Miss R LiveseyTeacher of Maths
Mr P HampshireTeacher of Maths
Mrs L NaymanLearning Supervisor

Welcome to the Mathematics Department of St Bernard’s Catholic High School.

The department is located mainly in the Furness and Kells blocks of the school and consists of eight teaching rooms.

Most classrooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and ActivExpression voting pads.  A set of laptops is also available for use in lessons.

All of our teachers are mathematics specialists who aim to inspire students to embrace the feeling of satisfaction which can be gained from solving pure mathematical problems; as well as applying mathematics in other subjects and real life applications.





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