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Maths Key Stage 4
Maths KS4

Key Stage 4 Approach

Students follow an AQA Linear GCSE course with two examinations in the summer of Year 11, one calculator and one non-calculator. Students will be entered for either Foundation or Higher tier; the decision on which tier to enter is governed only by a student’s strengths in the subject. Being in a particular mathematics set does not necessarily mean entry at a particular tier of the final exam. At Higher Tier, grades A* to D are available. At Foundation Tier, grades C to G are available.

Homework is generally set weekly and may take a variety of forms e.g. worksheets or activities to consolidate or assess understanding, research or preparation for future lessons, practice exam papers and revision for exams.

Year 10 Curriculum Content

Sets 10XY1, 10XY2, 10XY3 and 10XY4                     click here for an overview of the year
Sets 10XY5, 10XY6, 10XY7 and 10XY8                     click here for an overview of the year

Year 11 Curriculum Content

Sets 11XSci, 11YSci, 11X1, 11X2, 11Y1 and 11Y2    click here for an overview of the year
Sets 11X3, 11X4, 11Y3 and 11Y4                               click here for an overview of the year

Further details about topics can be obtained from the maths teachers of each group.





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